Get to know Thelem an innovator in 140 sound design.

by Gabriella Greene on November 11, 2017

Thelem hailing from the UK is now currently residing in the beautiful city of angels and wasting no time getting down to business; recently launching his own label CHAPTERS. After banging out hypnotizing releases on Artikal Musik UK, Crucial Recordings, Dark & Dangerous and Innamind Recordings, Thelem has made it apparent that he wants to break out of the dubstep mould with the 1st ever release on CHAPTERS. Written by himself, entitled “Ninety 3 EP" exhibits his versatility, sonic range, and early love for hip hop. This stellar EP is a dynamic jump-off to what will surely be an impeccable label in the years to come.

After having labeling his sound as minimal, dark and atmospheric beats, Thelem has been incorporating more styles into his production, such as grime, broken beats and hip hop, evolving him into one of the most progressive, and captivating producers of 2017. Drawing from musical influences Paradox, Madlib, Eprom, Loefah and Amon Tobin, Thelem is carving a new path and rebranding himself with this label, which he’s said is enabling him to focus on all music styles, not necessarily genres, or bpm, but instead just good music. We are excited to welcome him to our new monthly Heritage and looking forward to all of the good music forthcoming on CHAPTERS.