Submorphics "Detroit Haze"

The North Quarter raising the bar yet again.

by Jay Morris on January 1, 2018

In the last few years we have witnessed the rise of EDM bass music flooding the electronic music industry. Amid the over saturated musical landscape, it's increasingly rare to find music that invokes a feeling. However, there is one label over the years that has been pushing the forefront of Drum and Bass and reminding us just what it means to connect with the music; The North Quarter. With Lenzman at the helm carefully selecting only the cream of the crop to join the ranks, the output from TNQ has been nothing short of spectacular. The latest release by Submorphics "Detroit Haze” NQ005 could easily be one of most impeccable EPs of the year. Although it might not be caned across the commercial rave circuit, this album will surely ignite the flames of inspiration and burn as a beacon of light for the underground. Containing every essence of what defines TNQ, Submorphics displays skillful diversity in sound design and delivers a well-balanced dose of soul that is much need in these current times.

A reflection of his personality, the album contains structure intended to invoke feeling and take you on a musical journey as opposed to a compilation of tunes built for sales. The intro track “Hot Ish” featuring SelfSays jumps right into a 110 hip-hop beat with a Detroit influenced stylized west coast flavor; in conjunction with SelfSays on the vocal, the tune hits with conviction and gives the listener a confident swagger to rule the world. Followed by “Don’t Be So Cold” which has been in circulation for some time by those closest to TNQ, carries the rolling basslines and precise placement of vocals that Submorphics has become known for; easily a stand out tune at Sun & Bass 2017. Hitting closest to home, “Cant Get Over You” featuring Lenzman & Big Brooklyn Red might be the most impactful of the 10 track Ep. Containing everything that makes a world class groove, the simple elegance in the drums combined with synthesized harmonies give the perfect amount of time and space for the vocals to breathe. Big Brooklyn Red delivers soulful lyrics with feeling and sentiment that remind us of the very best of heartbreak and love.

Although “Detroit Haze” is only 7 tracks (plus 3 bonus instrumentals) the thoughts that are provoked throughout the album contain emotion and feeling that resonate with all walks of life. This remarkable compilation masterfully defines just exactly what this fast soul music is all about, and proves that music is truly universal. Be sure to follow Submorphics & The North Quarter on all forms of social media and pick up the EP available January 19, 2018.