SPK Crew Interview

The hardest hitting team in Denmark

by Editor on January 1, 2018

Hated in Copenhagen and feared throughout Denmark there is one team that over the years has exemplified why they are the hardest hitting crew in Scandinavia. SPK Crew was nice enough to give us a first class tour through their city and talk about what makes them tick. A balanced blend of old school mentality fueled by young energy; they have been reigning terror on the lines all over Copenhagen for some time. In a city that has become a popular “graffiti tourist” destination SPK has managed to keep things on lock. We sat down with Senor and Atos of SPK for some history and what the crew has been getting into.

Crew: SPK

Location: Denmark

Years Established: Eight

LK: Who were the original founders?

SPK: Senor, Ker, & Topey

LK: What is the city is the crew from?

SPK: Brondby, Westside Copenhagen.

LK: SPK is Danish acronym but what does is translate to in English?

SPK: Gypsies On Drugs/ System Fails Us/ Let down by the State/ Lick our balls/ etc..

LK: What is the mentality of SPK?

SPK: Our focus is to be aggressive, Actively painting spots, trains, Illegals. We push up front graffiti bombing mentality. Quick style black and Chrome. Doing Damage..

LK: What is your other crew affiliates?

SPK: There were originally three members of SPK, now there are eight. The older guys were affiliated to MOA but not the younger guys. In 2017 we split with MOA, (Senor) we had a problem with within the crew so we decided to leave. There was a solid year of beef. There was a lot of crossing out. We do not care to be a social media or Internet famous type of crew but these guys were obsessed so now we split and just do our own thing.

LK: What is the crew outputting every year on trains?

SPK: Between the whole crew… around 800 mixed panels, window down pieces, whole cars, whole trains, etc.

LK: What are you trying to focus on as a crew for the rest of the year and future?

SPK: Drugs & beer. Maybe paint some shit.

LK: What is the current situation in Denmark with trains? They seem to be running?

SPK: We see a change coming but for now things are the same. It has been like this for some years, we are not sure when maybe a year two years everything is uncertain.  Back in the day there were dogs, and security all over it was really difficult but since they banned that things are not easy but we do not have to deal with dogs.

LK: What other countries have you been painting in?

SPK: We have not really traveled as a crew, but we have painted a lot of trains in other countries’. We have painted in Naples, Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Stockholm, Oslo, Sweden, Norway, and all over Scandinavia. But right now we are focused on trains in Denmark because they are accessible.

LK: Do you have a desire to bring more guys to the crew?

SPK: We want to keep it tight, we want to stand together and be family over being famous.

LK: Last words?