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  • Label Spotlight - UVB 76

    by on July 7, 2017

    Touching on only the introspective sides of drum & bass, this label spotlights the left of center sounds of Gremlinz ...

    In 2015 Gremlinz & Ruffhouse launched UVB-76, an experimental label, that stretches genres, from drum & bass to techno and has since dropped some of the most groundbreaking, consistent releases within the last 2 years. Gremlinz, a Toronto native has crafted his signature underground sound for well over a decade, and with releases on Samurai Music, Renegade Hardware, Metalheadz, ThirtyOne Recordings, Samurai Music, Absys Records, and Architecture Recordings, he has developed into one of the most inventive, and prolific artists today. So it was only a perfect vibe for him to team up with the Bristol heavyweight collective known as Ruffhouse, consisting of Pessimist, Vega & Cooper to invoke musical mastery. After meeting in 2012 at Vega’s bi-monthly event ‘Abstractions’ in Bristol, Ruffhouse formed and has since finessed mind bending releases on Exit Records, Cylon Recordings, Critical Music, Ingredients, and Alignment.

    With such avant-garde talent behind UVB-76, minimal marketing and clever aesthetics, we’re certain these brilliant minds will to continue to pioneer sonic art with absolute style, and taste. And with recent releases, such as Overlook’s debut album Smoke Signals, which is by far one of the best, forward thinking albums of this year, and Outer Heaven’s EP Pathos, we can only expect the freshest on one of the deepest, and innovative labels. The excess of commercial vapid music, makes UVB-76 especially refreshing, because the sound by the artists they are releasing are some of the finest kept gems, and it’s breathtaking to be led in the right direction by Gremlinz & Ruffhouse. Plus in 10 years, who knows how many releases we’ll still be fixated on, so tune in and tune out to UVB-76, and let the music make the most sound.