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  • Joakuim - Intrigue 033

    by on June 6, 2017

    Joaluim - Jungle Power / The Revolution (Intrigue 033).

    Over the years Mexico has always seemed from the outside to have a rather small but loyal following of drum & bass headz. In a country where psy-trance and techno remaining the driving force; generally dominating the rave culture as a whole. There are a small number of producers making there unique and very desert style sounds heard worldwide. Joakuim originally from France is just one of many transplants to now call Mexico home. Be sure and pick up his two new single dropping as the Intrigue 033 on Intrigue Music Uk. "Jungle Power" & "The Revolution" both resonate deep with us. Both tracks are masterfully structured breaks and sub-bass surprisingly unpredictable. “The Revolution” contains a minimal liquid hip-hop flare with a hard crisp kicking drumbeats; as a touch of horns smooth the edges of the tune. The tune has the essence of a crisp summer night in the Mexican desert. On the flip side “Jungle Power” rolls into the opposite direction; cutting right to jungle drums and with an airy bass line. This tune is an absolute must for any junglist gearing up for battle. Be sure and check out more from Joakuim on his soundcloud.