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  • Interview: Soul Trigger Crew at Bass Coast 2017

    by on July 7, 2017

    We caught up with Soul Trigger at Bass Coast for their workshop and the technical sides to the dance floor.

    Crew: Soul trigger crew

    Name: Icon Sleepy Tut, Fu Manchu, Weston Kmetz, Jungwho Kim,

    Founded: Portland Oregon. 2013

    Members: 5 Core Crew + extended family

    Lk: Can you tell us a little about yourselves and the crew?

    ICON: We are as all styles dance crew. Crumping, popping, strutting, juking, breaking, tuting, 

    FMC: I am from a liquid pop collective here at Bass Coast getting down with Soul Trigger guest teaching showing a little bit of waving little bit of liquid.

    WK: Born in Bulgaria. Lived in Minnesota, grew up mostly in Portland.

    Lk: How long have you been apart of soul trigger crew?

    WK: Been with Soul Trigger for three and half years but started dancing about 4 and half years ago.

    FMC: I’ve ben hanging out with the guys for about 5 or 6 years. Mostly it was just a group of friends; but the more you hang around you start to become apart of the community and family.  I always love to come to Portland, and was happy to be invited this this month to come teach.

    Lk: What is the focus of the crew?

    ICON: We are a group of people love sharing and dancing together. We aim to share, express, and teach people dance. We also compete in events/ competitions; we go to any city that throws a battle and compete. We also throw dance events in Portland as well.

    Lk: Can you elaborate on the events?

    ICON: We do dance parties; we are more a production company. We like to invite people to come dance, share space, and bring dancers. Right now in the scene there is not very much dancing in the dance clubs/ nightclubs. It use to be everyone would go out and dance now most people dance at the dance studios. We are trying to bring back that back, the essence of the culture and the fun back.

    Lk: What are the tempos are you promoting with the events?

    ICON: We are trying to bring all styles of music, Hip-Hop, House, Crunk Music, Top-40, and Drum & Bass.

    Lk: What styles do you gravitate towards?

    FMC: Started doing liquid, which is cousin to waving. I try not to be boxed into styles I train a lot of styles popping, hip hop, all the sub styles of popping. I try not to let the idea of styles sort of construct or label of style restrict you as a dancer I tend to mess with concepts I try to strip things down. I try to play with the concepts, by asking myself what’s the core concept that’s driving that style; then I try to play with that as best I can.

    WI: Gravitate more towards strutting (its a bay area style), turfing, those two are what I’m feeling the most, but popping in general is what I started with. After learning more history I started traveling to the bay for the Oakland BBQ, it changed my perspective as well as with what I wanted to do with the dance.

    Lk: What are you trying to contribute to dance?

    WK: I’m just learning right now, I am trying to understand not just the technique and the dance but the culture behind all these dances. I need to so this so when I go around and talk about dance or actually dance, I do not water anything down; it’s beautiful and you can’t fake the funk.

    Lk: Any plans for the rest of the year?

    FMC: Excited to be at Oregon eclipse festival to see my good friend Steve Glavin “All American White Boy”. Great dancer use to work with Michael Jackson, Prince hes been around for a long time. He’s coming out to discuss some business with me and of course dance.

    WK: Just keep training and traveling as much as I can!