Bamboo Bass Festival

The only place to be this winter.

by Gabriella Greene on January 1, 2018

On a picturesque beach in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica, Bamboo Bass Festival is gearing up for its 3rd year, and has quickly evolved into one of the most bass heavy events on the western hemisphere. Merging conscious mentality, high caliber frequencies, and visual arts the two stage event will be unleashing a lineup which includes heavyweight bass pushers such as Chimpo, Dub Phizix & Strategy, Spectrasoul, Thelem, Truth, and Youngsta. Aside from established artist Bamboo will include a plethora of upcoming stellar talent and this year is set to be a surefire hit. Jaco Beach in Puntarenas, Costa Rica will be home to the 2018 Bamboo Bass Festival, a beautiful beach town surrounded by vibrant lush jungles, famed for its surf spots, and daytime activities and nightlife, there will be no shortage of beauty to experience.

Bamboo Bass Festivals fusion of culture and nature in a country which is known for its incredible “Pura Vida” lifestyle honors Costa Rica and encourages all attendees to be extremely respectful of the environment and Costa Rican people. In an effort to not disrupt the organic chemistry of the jungle all plastic items are banned such as glitter and confetti, which makes Bamboo a pioneer in minimizing a festival’s footprint; so be sure to keep the glitter out of the jungle! In addition to being eco-conscious, Bamboo has also partnered with Karmik to maintain the safety of the festival attendees as well as harm reduction training available onsite. Unlike many festivals drinking water will also be provided free of charge on the festival grounds for all attending.

With no shortage of festivals happening year round on different longitudes and latitudes, it’s often hard to choose what you want to attend however, do not miss this year's gathering of bass-conscious minds in paradise. With winter in full swing throughout most of the Northern Hemisphere, some days may feel brutally depressing, however visions of dancing under the jungle canopies to low-end frequencies in 80 degrees weather, should be your inspiration. Buy your tickets, book accommodation, bring sunscreen, and come and dance away the winter blues in Costa Rica, and experience the magic that is Bamboo Bass Festival.

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Photos: Grim Photography