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  • Med School Artist: BOP

    by on September 9, 2018

    Artist: Bop

    Title: Untitled Patterns 3 

    Record Label: Med School 

    Release Date: September 13, 2018 

    Favorite Track: Untitled Pattern 63 

    Get Involved: @iambop

    Bop, a nonconformist by nature, continues to move against the grain with Untitled Pattern 3 EP. The third release in a exceptional collection has continued to allow him to reshape and blur the lines of what many interpret as Drum and Bass. In all aspects of obscure movement, Bop masterfully compiles the furthest reaches of techno, acid bass, and deep progressive undertones to create a new branch in the tree of electronic music. “Untitled Pattern 62” gives minimal overlay and autonomic values to bridge the gap from genre specific sounds of Drum and Bass into the new era that is intelligent bass music. “Untitled Pattern 64” at first listen leads one to think there is an error with the reception. Completely intentional, the static riffs compel the listener to navigate the textures in a non-confrontational infiltration of this future focused music. Filled with ambience and built upon a foundation that is creating stepping stones for new directions of change, this is one not to miss.