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  • Lost City

    by on December 12, 2018

    Navigating the trenches in the city of angeles to dig up some of the best in jungle music.

    California as whole rakes in just over $400 billion in revenue for the United States government, so in a state that is rich with resources, it's only natural that we find a vibrant and iconic presence of producers exploring the limits and reshaping the molds of modern day Jungle. In LA, there are countless people DJing and making music, which makes standing out no easy task. Tucked away on the edge of Echo Park in Los Angeles, the duo known as Lost City have steadily built and redefined their focus over the last ten years. Developing their own road map, the two have spent the last decade touching the edges of different subgenres, exploring new structures, tempos, and styles, all while having foresight and wanting to contribute something deeper to reshaping the lines and not conforming to traditional Drum and Bass policies. 

    Check the full interview in SUBVRS Fall 2018.