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  • Interview: Yanoe

    by on August 8, 2018

    Inside the mind of Los Angeles writer YANOE.

    Yanoe Interview 


    Name: Yanoe DTS RTF OHB

    Age: Old enough to be around before digital camera

    Years painting: 28 

    Where are you originally from and where is home base?

    YANOE: Born and raised in LA. Grew up in the early 90s painting in LA 

    Has painting become a full time job? If so what are you doing to remain motivated with graffiti?

    Y: Painting has been full time since I first started, it never really stopped. The only difference now is I am getting paid for it. What's keeping me motivated, illegal graffiti is just something I enjoy doing with my friends and keeps a good bond between friends, and thats what i enjoy about it. 

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