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  • Integral Records with Emma G

    In a modern musical landscape rapidly changing with just a click of the mouse its become increasingly more difficult to locate music labels both in and out of drum and bass that remains consistent in driving distinct style and sounds. One boutique label who masterfully curates a consistent vibration of deep introspective fluidity combine with uplifting sound textures is Integral Records. Established in the mid-2000’s by Glenn Herweijer and Zula Warner, most recognized for their Artificial Intelligence Drum & Bass project has become a highly regarded as one of the premier record companies within the Liquid Drum and Bass community. Currently the founders are celebrating ten years of Integral with a compilation that was comprised of the industries biggest names; spotlighting the past, present, and future of Integral.

    Lucidity Festival

    Spring is always cause for celebration, one festival promoting anti-corporate agendas, forward thinking mentality, and progrsive music talent is Lucidity Festival. Nestled in the mountains of Santa Barbara the event pulls people from all parts of the Western United States. Established in 2012 this niche festival has grown leaps and bounds over the years. Lucidity strives to connect people with their life purpose and social awareness above all. Acknowledged as one of the best transformational festivals in North America this year would see the obscure sides of music as well as conscious workshops and activities throughout the weekend.


    With the current cultural festival trend taking hold in North America there seems to be no shortage of festy-kids consuming dubstep and bass music by the spoonful. With many of the larger festivals still focused on the the “bro-step” and psychedelic driven styles of Bass Music there are a few artist and labels pushing to bring structured beats back to the frontline. One label who’s arsenal of talent has carefully been infiltrating almost every festival lineup and major bass music party in North America this year is Deep, Dark, and Dangerous. Founded by the duo know as TRUTH, Andre Fernandez one-half of the duo has been at the helm of the North American operations for a few years now. Over the past few years with the help of Bogl they have been picking through the mass of young producers making waves to develop a strike team that in not only well rounded but dangerous on the beats.

    Radikal GURU

    Dub Music is truly an international sound these days, having traveled across the world from the little island of Jamaica, and it has made it’s way across the ocean to Poland. Mateusz Miller aka Radikal Guru has been one of the brightest lights of the roots-influenced community in Europe, heavily influenced by originators such as King Tubby and Scientist, and fit nicely into Dubstep’s rising global movement. Best known for his work with Moonshine Recordings, some of his work has even caught the ear of the legendary David Rogidan: