Those who walk a different a path from the mainstream are considered the lost causes of society. The subculture and underground movements around the world are looked down upon by popular culture for their nonconformist principles and radical lifestyles.

The Lost Kawz unites graffiti writers, DJs, dancers, music producers, MCs, junglists, bassheads, ravers, and people of the underground movements worldwide. LK has its roots in the subculture and urban jungle of Los Ángeles and Southern California. We strive to document the movement as well as preserve the heritage for the younger generations to come. 

Our focus is to define and establish an image that upholds the values and traditions our respective scenes were founded on. We aim to promote the culture through graffiti, fashion, music, events, & words. We pride ourselves in being one of the first drum and bass clothing companies however, with the industry saturated we now aim to innovate our original ventures by raising the bar to new expectations and heights.

This is The Lost Kawz; a coalition for the artists', dancers, and musicians join us in the global Resistance against generic and commercial crews & brands. Elevate with us; be the change needed to pass on our history and culture as we strive to extend our reach worldwide. We are the future we are the revolution.